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Time To Teach™ tools, techniques and strategies will change your class, your school, and positively effect the community.

Hello Educators,

My name is Kevin Shipp, and I am here to help you regain your SANITY! What you will find as you explore my website is information from other professionals just like you. They, like you, were also at their wit’s end. Many were frustrated and ready to wave the white flag, and quit teaching all together! What a tragedy that would have been, and is every year for many.

Some educators have claimed divine intervention was involved, some thank blind luck, but all know that the tools and techniques of Time to Teach™ have made their careers as educators flourish! These leaders in education have become an inspiration to their students, parents, and also their communities. Are you ready to regain your MOJO?

I am here to help and serve you and your students. I understand, and have seen the data to support the claim, that today’s teachers have one of the most challenging jobs in the world. For your dedication and hard work I salute you! So go on, explore my site and see if the Time to Teach™ strategies may be right for you, your school, your district or even your state. If you have any questions please contact me using any of the ways easily found on my website.

Thank you for your dedicated service to our children,


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Results Based Data

15-points-up15 point gain in math and science standardized test scores!

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82-percent-decreaseBeck Academy reduces discipline referrals campus-wide 82%.

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LawtonPublicSchools_positive-resultsDecrease in Suspensions and Increase in Test Scores!

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30-percent-decrease-student-referrals30% Decrease EVERY Year.

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62-percent-decrease-student-referralsReferrals Reduced by 62%!

“At Lompoc Valley Middle School, the referral numbers for class disruption were reduced by 62% using Time to Teach strategies, and Lompoc High School’s referral numbers were lower than those of the rival high school for the first time ever.” -Carrie Chase, High School Counselor, Lahainaluna High School, Hawaii

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